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Cell Membrane Of Algae. In most algal cells there is only a single nucleus, although some cells are multinucleate. The eukaryotic algal protoplast is sur­rounded by a lipoproteinaceous external boun­dary, called cell membrane, and consists of one or more usually spherical or ellipsoidal nucleus and cytoplasm.

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Others comprise the following; a cell wall of peptidoglycan which maintains the general shape of the cell and it is made up of polysaccharides and proteins. However, this cells have 3 special shapes i.e spherical, rod shaped and spiral. The sole exception is Mycoplasma bacteria that don’t have any cell wall and for that reason no particular shape.
Bacteria diagram also suggests Periplasmic space, that is a cellular compartment found merely in bacteria which have an outer membrane and a plasma membrane.

Amoeba & chlorella
Amoeba & chlorella (Maggie Fleming)

The exact makeup of the cell wall depends on what type of organism you're looking at (algae, fungi and plant cells all have distinct cell walls). In most algal cells there is only a single nucleus, although some cells are multinucleate. However, the former is found only in plants, fungi and in some bacteria.

Depending on the pigment present, the algae are called blue, green, brown or red algae.

The cell membrane loses its gatekeeping function and becomes permeable.

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Free UK delivery on eligible orders! The cell wall is an outer protective membrane in many cells including plants, fungi, algae, and bacteria. The main functions of the cell wall are to provide structure, support, and protection for the cell.

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